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BRICS Joint Statistical Publications

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  • 23/05/14
  • 16h08

Main areas and topics of dialogue between the BRICS

Beyond the Summits and meetings of Foreign Ministers, dialogue within BRICS encompasses several instances, including Ministers and senior government officials, businessmen and...

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  • 22/05/14
  • 11h27

Coordination among Leaders

The BRICs Leaders gathered for the first time, informally, at the margins of the G-8 Summit (Hokkaido, 9 July 2008). On that occasion, they requested their Foreign Ministers to organize the...

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  • 22/05/14
  • 11h14

Recent developments: V Summit (Durban, South Africa, 27 March 2013)

Having hosted the latest BRICS Summit, and as pro tempore Chair of the mechanism, South Africa was in charge of coordinating the implementation of the eThekwini Plan of Action. The Durban...

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  • 22/05/14
  • 11h22

Coordination among Foreign Ministers

BRICs/BRICS meetings of Foreign Ministers have been regularly held alongside the UNGA. The first informal meeting took place in 2006. The first formal meeting of Foreign Ministers was held...

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  • 22/05/14
  • 11h13
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