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BRICS Perspective on International Investment Agreements

1. Foreign direct investment (FDI) can make a positive contribution to sustainable development when integrated into national development strategies. These benefits of FDI may include, amongst others, technology transfer, skills development, enhanced research at the national level, and the establishment of stronger supply chains between domestic and foreign firms. 2. BRICS Member States note that...

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  • 18/07/14
  • 15h17

Communiqué of the Meeting of Trade Ministers on the eve of the VI Summit

The Ministers responsible for trade of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa met in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 14 July 2014, on the eve of the Sixth BRICS Summit. Global economic...

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  • 18/07/14
  • 10h37

Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding

Instruments signed at the VI BRICS Summit (Fortaleza, 2014): - Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation among BRICS Export Credit Insurance Agencies - Treaty for The Establishment of...

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  • 15/07/14
  • 12h34

Acordos e Memorandos de Entendimento

Instrumentos assinados na VI Cúpula do BRICS (Fortaleza, 2014): - Memorando de Entendimento sobre Cooperação entre Agências de Seguro de Crédito à Exportação do BRICS - Tratado...

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  • 15/07/14
  • 12h51

Press accreditation

The deadline for press accreditation has expired on July 4 2014. Any questions regarding application for press accreditation shall be directed by email to This email address is being...

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  • 08/07/14
  • 11h25
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